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Jelly Sweets

Cola Bottles ¦ Jelly Babies ¦ Sour Worms ¦ Lips ¦ Scary Teeth


White Marshmallows ¦ Pink Marshmallows ¦ Mini Marshmallows ¦ Chocolate Marshmallows

Soft Sweets

Chewy Sweets ¦ Sour Chews ¦ Liquorice ¦ Chewing Gum

Hard Sweets

Lollipops ¦ Mints ¦ Boiled Sweets ¦ Cherry Drops


Chocolate Bars ¦ Chocolate Boxes

Savoury & Gift

Bawlawa ¦ Gift Box ¦ Jerky ¦ Nuts ¦ Turkish Delight

Jelly Sweets Bulk

Boxed Jelly Sweets ¦ Bagged Wholesale Jelly Sweets

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Only the best in Halal Friendly Sweets

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